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Karabük had become a province of Zonguldak during the early years of Turkish Republic in 1927. Formerly it was small village of Safranbolu, formed by 13 houses. There was a train station which started to be called "Karabük" in June 1st, 1934. After the foundation of the Iron - Steel Factory in 3 April 1937, Karabük started to grow rapidly and its name became popular all around Turkey. In 1953, it became a district of Safranbolu and later in 1995 Karabük became an official province center of Turkey. Hadrianapolis (now Eskipazar) is an ancient city from the Roman Empire of the 4th century, located about 3 km from Karabük. There are many fountains, churches, and Roman baths. Although most of it is recently excavated, illegal excavations which have been going on for many years have damaged Eskipazar's chances of becoming a major tourist attraction.