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Kapak Fotoğrafı


Kars – a beautiful city with a heterogeneous culture, known as “the frontier city,” literally located at the border of modern Turkey.

Forming the borders of the kingdom of Urartu in the 9th century BC, Kars was later ruled successively by Scythians, Persians and the Macedonian Empire. According to some scholars, the city took its name from the Turkish tribe Karsaks who came to this region from the north of the Caucasian Mountains. Kars is also thought to be the oldest city to join Turkey having a Turkish name.

Boasting a deeply-rooted history and an unmatched collection of cultural artifacts, the city has thrived on cultural differences. Also notable for its cuisine, Kars survives its harsh winters with heavy snowfalls and enjoys cool summers, typical of humid continental climate.

Are you ready to explore this city, located on the country’s highest altitude and one of its farthest reaches into the east?