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Kapak Fotoğrafı


Mugla:  Muğla, at the crossroads of the Aegean and Mediterranean Region, is a piece of paradise comprised of coves such as Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye, Gocek and many more.  

Mugla is an indispensable summer resort offering a myriad of beautiful and unique holiday resorts.

Located at the foot of Mount Hisar, the city, with a history dating back to 3000 BC is home to many ruins and monuments. Mugla is literally an open air museum with 103 historical sites situated within the borders of the province. 

Situated on the southwestern tip of Turkey, Mugla, reigend by a Mediterranean climate, has the longest coast line of Turkey reaching 110 kilometers. Among one of the cities rich in forests, Mugla receives heavy rain particularly in the winter months.

Famous for its old Greek and Turkish style wooden houses, Mugla preserves its quaint streets and historic monuments in their original state.

Vacationers who want to take a sojourn to the heavenly bays and taste the delicacies of the Aegean cuisine are always welcome in the province.