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Kapak Fotoğrafı


According to the Hittite tablets from the ancient times, Ordu province was successively ruled by the Hitites, Frigians and finally Cimmerians.  The early settlement of the city, however, goes back to the 8th century BC.

One of the most advanced cities of the Black Sea Region; Ordu attracts a lot of attention both for its nature and agricultural products. As the world’s leading hazelnut grower, the city offers also a variety of agro products to international markets.

Ordu is also referred to as the gateway to the Black Sea and is well known for its temperate climate with mild winters and cool summers. The city is in harmony with nature where lush forests meet with powerful rivers.

Ordu, the hazelnut capital, is ever ready to welcome you if you want to explore the values of the city including its culture and cuisine!