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Explore social activities such as mountain sports, paragliding, skiing, water-skiing, rafting, and trekking in Erzincan. Akbulut Ski Centers, Bolkar Ski Center are great for skiing. You can do plateau Hiking at the Küçük Çakırman Village locality and Yaylabaşı stream Ergan hill. The Karasu and Sansu Creeks are good for rafting while Erzincan Dam and Tercan District Tercan dam Lakeare good for water skiing.

See Otlukbeli Lake which had been announced to be natural preservation field by the decision of the Erzurum Preservation Committee of the Culture and Nature Riches and had been under preservation.

Visit Girlevik Waterfall which is located in the Çağlayan Stream, at 29 km southeast of Erzincan.

Aygır Lake is another natural beauty that's located on the Keşiş Mountain.

Buy the hand crafted copper works (samovar, trays, trinkets, wall plates, sugar bowls, vases), carpet weaving among the authentic souvenirs of Erzincan.

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