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Home to the most beautiful natural wonders on earth the ancient town with a very long history welcomes its guests with a variety of holiday alternatives.

One of the most appealing aspects of Kemer, of course, is its vast coastline adorned with the endless blue sea. Locations where the sea, the mountains and the forest blend together are the most scenic sights that fascinate the visitors the most.

Harboring numerous prehistoric caves, Kemer is ready to share its great mysteries with its visitors! Beldibi Cave bears relics from ancient history while Molla Deliği (Mullah Hole Cave) will surprise you with its amazing view.

Kemer, fascinating visitors with its ancient ruins attracts particular attention for its ancient city of Olympos. Mount Olympos, known as the abode of the Gods according to Greek mythology, is Antalya’s most visited location where visitors experience unforgettable moments amidst a spectacular landscape.  One of the numbered habitats of the caretta caretta turtle, Olympos can be visited any time of year.

Phaselis dating back to the Hellenistic Era, is another antique city extant in all its glory in the present day. A significant part of the ruins are still intact even today.  Surrounded by three harbors the city was considered the center of episcopacy. Situated in the north of Kemer, Idyros is another ancient city of Antalya province.

While the rock caves in Beldibi offer shelter for small numbers of people the rocks in Chimera (Yanartaş) near to Cinarlı attract the attention for their potential to inflame and change color. These rocks have an important place in Anatolian mythology and offer an amazing view.

Located in Kemer, the harbor with a capacity of 320 yachts and a Blue Flag coastline of 52 km offers a splendid view.

Furthermore, Kemer offers a wide range of adrenaline sports. Sports enthusiasts can paraglide from Tahtali Mountain, join safari tours along the route from Goynuk Canyon or Kemer to the Taurus Mountains or join horse riding and cycling tours.

Kemer appeals to all vacationers who want to spend a memorable holiday and enjoy the limitless holiday alternatives!


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