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Side one of the major cities of the ancient world, fascinates visitors with its cultural heritage and splendid landscape.

Built on the site where once the Roman bath was constructed, the Museum of Side is a world-renowned museum exhibiting the unique artifacts of the ancient city of Side.

The Side Amphitheater is situated at the center, the narrower section of the peninsula where the city is located. Bearing traces of the Hellenistic and Roman periods this awesome theater will make you feel like an actor on stage.

Constructed of piled up stone blocks and located on the southern side of the peninsula, the harbor of Side offers tremendous views.

The turquoise coast of Side is a convenient spot for all sorts of water sports. Particularly diving enthusiasts will love the geographical area offering fine sandy beaches and crystal clear seas.  

Vacationers who want to explore this magnificent region where history meets the deep blue seas are more than welcome in Side!

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