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Trekking and Hiking in Turkey

Turkey is ideal for those who like to walk eco friendly and at the same time take in spectacular scenery. Marked pathways include, on the Mediterranean coast, the Lycian Way between Fethiye and Antalya and the St Paul Trail between Perge and Yalvac. There are many eco friendly short trails in the Cappadocian landscape and for serious trekkers the Kackar Mountains in the northeast of the country can be recommended.

St Paul`s Trail:

St Paul, along with St. Peter, is acknowledged as the most famous of the early Christian missionaries. It is within Turkey`s boundaries that his birthplace is found, and where all his journeys took place. Most of the first Christian communities he founded are also located in Turkey. Without doubt it is in large part down to him that Christianity spread here from Jeruselam and from here into the heart of Europe. Although he also travelled in Syria, Cyprus and Greece,

Lycian Way Trekking:

The Lycian Way is a very long-distance footpath in Turkey. It is 500 km long and stretches from Fethiye to Antalya, around part of the coast of ancient Lycia. It is way marked with red and white stripes. The Sunday Times has listed it as one of the world's top ten walks. Its name comes from the ancient civilisation which once ruled the area. The route is graded medium to hard; it is not level walking, but has many ascents and descents as it approaches and veers away from the sea. It is easier at the start near Fethiye and gets more difficult as it progresses. It is recommended that you walk the route in spring or autumn; February-May or September-November. Summer in Lycia is hot, although you could walk short, shady sections. The route is mainly over footpaths and mule trails; mostly limestone and often hard and stony underfoot.


Evliya Çelebi Way

The Evliya Çelebi Way is a proposed cultural route for riders and walkers to be established in northwest Turkey in celebration of the 400th anniversary of the birth, in 1611, of the great Ottoman traveller of that name. Evliya Çelebi travelled the Ottoman Empire and beyond for some 40 years, and left a 10 volume account of his journeying.

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