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Trabzon which diligently preserves the remaining monuments of the many civilizations that have ruled the city is a favorite city among visitors for its protected natural heritages. The city offers a variety of enjoyable activities that can be done within the province of Trabzon.

Sumela Monastery is a historical Greek Orthodox monastery and church situated at the foothills of Karadağ Mountain near to Maçka in Trabzon province.  Built under the order of Byzantine Emperor Theodosius I in 400 A.D., the monastery astonishes visitors with its magnificent architecture and vast green landscape offered on site.

Uzungöl and Sera Lake are only two of the most peaceful corners of Trabzon. The soothing sound of gently flowing streams will take you another world. And the fish you will taste here will leave a pleasant taste in your mouth.

The Hagia Sophia Museum, which has remained in its original state since the 13th century, is an important cultural center that preserves the relics of the Byzantine, Seljuk and Georgian culture. The Trabzon Museum, constructed by the beginning of the 20th century, consists of two mansions that attract the attention for their artistic features.

Boztepe is surely the right address for those who would enjoy a cup of tea while watching the magnificent view of Trabzon. You should make sure that you take your camera with you as Boztepe is well known for its magnificent sunset views.

Çalköy cave and the cave in Akarsu village are natural caves with impressive structures. Exploring these caves filled with stalactites and stalagmites is a challenging adventure in itself.

You will be amazed by the sports opportunities offered in Trabzon if you like to do sports during your vacation. You can do a variety of sports activities such as jeep safari, trekking, canoeing, mountaineering or paragliding in the abundant pristine nature of Trabzon province.

One of the best aspects of the Black Sea region are the highlands located near to the cities. The high plateaus, where nature meets the sky amidst the vast fertile lands, are among the most beautiful attractions of Trabzon. You should absolutely not miss the opportunity to see this corner of pristine nature.

There are some beaches along the coastline of Trabzon where you can swim and there is also a well-developed marina.

The cuisine of Trabzon is a feast in itself. Stuffed collards, kaygana, corn bread, trout fried in butter, Hamsiköy sütlac, Trabzon butter are only some of the local delicacies that visitors must definitely try.

Apart from that, the folk dances of Trabzon reflect the costumes and sense of rhythm of the region. There is hardly anyone who does not like this colorful and entertaining show.

The traditional crafts of the region include are grinding, stone and wood processing, copper working, jewelry making and weaving. You may consider buying some examples of these labor intensive handicrafts as souvenirs for your family and friends.

Trabzon offers limitless pastime activities for your consideration.

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