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Surrounded by the stunning Aegean sea and all the colors of nature, Çeşme will impress its visitors also with its cultural heritage.

The first thing that visitors will encounter upon arrival in Cesme is the Cesme Castle that was built during the Ottoman period and is used as a museum today. Located on the harbor, the castle was built to protect trade and war ships against possible attacks. The castle has been turned into the Cesme Museum of Archaeology and exhibits the unearthed artifacts of Erythrai, Alacati and Kalemburnu regions.

The Caravanserai, another example of Ottoman architecture, is a two-storey building that was especially designed to lodge foreign traders.  The caravanserai operates as a 45-room hotel today including shopping and entertainment facilities.

The fountains on site which gave the town its name are among the most beautiful examples of classical Ottoman architecture. Scattered throughout the town, these centuries old fountains will provide you with cool water.

Cesme which is blessed with thermal water resources offers opportunities for relaxation during your holiday with a variety of thermal springs in Ilica, Yildizburnu and Şifne. It is possible to find accommodation near to these thermal springs which are the solution to many ailments.

İldirli, once known as Erythrai, is another must-see place particularly for its ancient city. Since the settlement of the region in the Early Bronze Age the site has continued to flourish culturally and accumulated a lot of historical artifacts reaching the present day.

Another destination located near to Ceşme is Alacati. Wellknown for its winds suitable for surfing, its narrow streets, white houses and sweet scents of flowers, Alaçatı attracts also attention for its options of entertainment.  Indeed, Alacati is one of the most convenient windy coasts of the world providing a perfect atmosphere for water sports such as windsurfing. The coastal town, which is also famous for its historic stone houses as well as modern venues, promises a unique holiday to its visitors.

Do not miss the diving opportunities offered in this unique resort situated by the Aegean Sea. The underwater of the region is amazingly diverse and there are many diving centers on site. Esek Adasi (Donkey Island) is one of the spots that is not windy and therefore suitable for diving. The place can be visited any time of the year.

The unique dishes of Çeşme will delight your taste buds. Visitors should definitely visit Dalyan famous for its fish restaurants to taste a variety of seafood dishes and appetizers. Besides, guests should not leave Çeşme without tasting Kumru (a special type of sandwich made on grill) combining many flavors and Çeşme’s unique jam made of gum obtained from gum trees.

The deep blue sea alongside the 29 kilometer long coastline of Alaçatı and shining sun will always provide for fun. Travellers to Alaçatı may already start to enjoy their vacation!

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