Soul of Tarsus

TARSUS St. Paul Church, St. Paul&s Well and surrounding historic quarters

Date of submission to the Tentative World Heritage List: 25/02/2000
List Reference:  1409


Tarsus is the birth place of St.Paul, situated on the edge of the fertile Cukurova plain in the city full of cedar groves city is the meeting place of legendery lovers Antony and Cleopatra. There is the commerative Cleopatra gate, to reach St.Paul's Well and the St.Paul Church, the old vernacular style streets of the city to be followed.

The St. Paul's well is located on the place where stood the house of the saint in the ancient town of Tarsus. The legends say that St. Paul often drank from this well and it seems that the water has special curative properties.

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