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Beyşehir, Eşrefoğlu Mosque

KONYA Beyşehir, Eşrefoğlu Mosque

Date of submission to the Tentative World Heritage List: 15/04/2011
List Reference:  5611

The biggest and most original of the wooden pillared mosques in Anatolia

The mosque is located in Esrefoglu, 100 m north of the Beyşehir lake. The mosque was built as a social complex, including a mausoleum, a caravanserai and a Turkish bath, by Emir Süleyman Esrefoglu in 1299. The mosque was built in Seljuk style. The prayer hall of the structure, which extends to the north-south direction, is equipped with wooden pillars, which form a seven nave structure. The central nave is larger than the side naves. There is an empty space on centre of the ceiling, also called the illuminating lantern, believed to be so both for giving light to the inner space and supplying the necessary humidity for the wood parts, with the snow filling the pools on the ground. The dome before the mihrab (prayer niche) is an example of traditional Turkish architecture. The tile mosaic mihrab and the Minbar [pulpit] constructed in kündekari style are important decorative elements of the mosque. What makes this mosque unique is the mainly original wood parts and the prettiest and finest examples of traditional painting on these.

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