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City Of Temples

Kars Historic City of Ani

World Heritage Date of Submission to the Tentative: 13/04/2012
Ref. Nr:  5725


The ancient city of Ani located within the limits of the Ocaklı Village, 42 km away from Kars, has been the home of various civilizations due to its topography ideal for settlement and defense since prehistoric times. The city, which had been founded at the border between Caucasus and Anatolia on the Silk Road, an important trade route of the medieval period, showed great advancement during this period and became the political, cultural and economic center of the region of the time. Ani is a typical medieval city with its impressive walls that are still largely intact as well as its examples of religious and civil architecture and its city planning. The multiculturalism of Ani that has prevailed throughout history has also influenced the religious and civil architecture of the region. The city, which is the site of various religious structures such as the Fire Temple, various types of churches as well as mosques of the Seljuk Period, holds a special place in the history of mediaeval architecture and urbanism as a commercial city with a multicultural façade.

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