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Mediaeval City of Becin

Muğla Mediaeval City of Becin

World Heritage List Date of Submission to the Tentative: 13/04/2012
Ref. Nr:  5730


The mediaeval city of Becin is located 5 km south of Milas. Located on today’s settlement of Becin, the different types of graves dating back from the geometric period to the roman era have borne witness to the ancient times. Becin, which had experienced a glorious period during the archaic times, experienced after a long interval its second blooming during the era of the Turkish beylik, named Menteşeoğulları. Becin had served as capital during the reign of Tacettin Ahmet Gazi. In 1331, the capital was moved to Balata (Milet) after the region came under the rule of the Ottoman Empire. Apart from the few Byzantine ruins such as the chapel, the majority of the ruins, such as the inner citadel, the Ahmet Gazi Madrasa and tomb, the Orhan Bey Mosque, the Hamam Bey Mansion, the Bey Hamam (Bath), the Kızıl Han, the Karapasha Madrasa, Yelli Mosque, Yelli Hamam (Bath), Yelli Madrasa and the cemeteries with their interesting grave stones, are the remains of the Turkish period.

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