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Site of Decoratedarhitecture

Niğde Historical Monuments of Niğde

World Heritage List Date of Submission to the Tentative: 13/04/2012
Ref. Nr:  5731


The castle on the Hill of Alaeddin, the Alaeddin Mosque, Rahmaniye Mosque, Hatıroğlu Fountain, Sungur Bey Mosque, Sokullu Mehmet Pasha Bazaar, the Blacksmiths Fountain and the Armenian and Greek churches, which constitute the old town of Nigde, are among the monumental buildings that reflect the historical background of the city. Constructed in 1223, the Alaeddin Mosque, with all of its elements in their original form, is a typical example of classical Seljuk mosque architecture. Decorated with geometric ornamentations the mosque is one of the first exemplars of Anatolian stone decoration. The star shaped geometric pattern on the eastern portal illustrates the early examples of ornamentation of Seljuk architecture. The kündekari and inlay techniques used at the doors and door wings of the Sungur Bey Mosque built in 1335 represent the earliest examples of the inlay technique. The minbar of the mosque is one of the earliest examples decorated with mother pearl inlaid.

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