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Castle of Many Civilizations

Mersin Mamure Castle

World Heritage List Date of Submission to the Tentative: 13/04/2012
Ref. Nr:  5734


The Mamure Castle lies within the boundaries of Bozdoğan village 6 km east of Anamur. It is one of the Turkish castles along the Mediterranean coastline that have reached the present day in good shape. Built on the high cliffs and plains the Mamure Castle, like many other Anatolian citadels, was built on ancient foundations. The present castle was built in place of the previous one which was destroyed when Seljuk Sultan Alaeddin Keykubat seized the city in 1221. Later, the fortress came under the rule of the Karamanoğulları and the Ottomans. Having the appearance of a caravanserai, the Mamure Castle has been one of the best preserved fortresses of Anatolia. The castle consists of three parts: the inner courtyard to the east, the outer citadel on the west and the inner citadel built on high rocks in the south. The complex includes a hamam apart from the 39 towers, water reservoirs and mosque, and is surrounded by a 10 m wide ditch for defense purposes.

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