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Ankara is the second most densely populated city in Turkey and the cradle of bureaucracy and education. A significant number of the city’s population, are either students or professionals with white collar jobs.

Ataturk's Mausoleum is undoubtedly Ankara’s most valuable monument. The eternal resting place of the leader and founder of the Republic of Turkey Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the Mausoleum is at the same time a museum harboring many towers. Impressing everyone with its glory, the lion road connects the entrance gate with the mausoleum complex.

The Ethnographic Museum has a large collection of Turkish culture and art from ancient artifacts to the works of the present and is a crucial institution that sheds light on the development of the Anatolian lands. The Atatürk and War of Independence Museum located at Ataturk’s Mausoleum exhibits the most valuable artifacts dating from the early stages of the Republic to the present. Indeed, there are a variety of distinguished museums waiting for visitors in Ankara.

Gordion, the capital of the kingdom of Phrygia, is one of the most important settlements of Ankara province which is the home of many antique monuments and artifacts. A variety of ancient monuments and sites such as Gavurkale, Julianus Column, Ahlatlibel, Bitik and the Temple of Augustus are waiting to be explored by history enthusiasts.

Parks such as Gençlik Park, Kuğulu or Segmenler and areas of recreation such as Atatürk Forest Farm and Zoo are only some of the many recreational areas of the city where one can take a break and relax.

Famous for its old Ottoman mansions the historic façade of Beypazarı will immediately take hold of you while scenic beauty of Gölbaşı and Çubuk Dam will impress you with their shades of blue.

Kizilay, Arjantin Street and Çankaya are among the most popular areas where you can explore and enjoy the city life in Ankara.

Ankara Castle and Atakule, the most indispensable components of the city's skyline, are among the must-see sites that will impress you with their incredible views.

Your vacation in Ankara is not complete unless you try some of the delicious regional dishes such as Toyga soup, pilaf kapama, yazma çöreği (a traditional type of muffin), Halep dolma, and Beypazari Bagels.

This hospitable city welcomes all visitors who want to explore the capital of Turkey. 

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