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Gaziantep, which has a great place in the history of civilizations, shares its cultural and natural assets with the world through festivals and festivities organized at both national and international level all the year round.

Days of specific importance for Gaziantep, such as the exemption of Gaziantep, the commemoration of Atatürk’s arrival in Gaziantep, the renaming of the city as Gaziantep are celebrated with great enthusiasm in the winter months.

The Tourism Week and Tourism Fair and the Gaziantep Industry Fair are organized in spring and open the gates of the region to Turkey and the world. Organized with the support of many countries these fairs contribute to the development of the city.

Vacationers who visit the city during the Hidrellez Festivity in May can take joy in the colorful decoration and the festive atmosphere in the city.

The Islahiye Grapes, Pepper and Culture Festival, Peanut Festival and Oğuzeli Pomegranate and Culture Festival offer the most special harvests of the city's leading agricultural products to their guests.

The Republic Cup Aba Wrestling Tournament held in several categories awards the winning wrestlers with various prizes whereby it aims to ensure the continuation of the cultural heritage.

Why not become part of the cultural mosaic of the city and explore the true identity of the city?

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