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Festivities and events are of special importance in cultures that have flourished with the contribution of diverse civilizations. Bursa introduces its culture to the world through festivities and activities organized throughout the year.

The Golden Karagöz Folk Dance Competition, held in Bursa for over 25 years brings together culture-specific dances from all over the world under one roof.

With the Ovaakça Fig Festival, Cumalıkızık Raspberry Festival, Olive and Cultural Arts Festival, Pepper Festival and Strawberry Festival in Göynükbelen, Bursa promotes not only the best products of the yearly harvest but also the local culture of the region to the whole world.

Furthermore, the Children and Youth Theater Festival, held in October each year, brings together international plays and actors with the audience in Bursa.

The Spring Fair and Autumn Fair that bring together the people ob. Bursa to celebrate the changing of the seasons are of great cultural significance and celebrated since 1924.

There are many festivals, fairs, events and celebrations organized in Bursa and its districts. Bursa invites guest from all over the world to get to know the cultural mosaic of the region. 


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