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Among the most popular cities of Turkey, well-known for its lush nature, rich history and peculiar flavors Bursa perpetuates and promotes its values through festivals organized around the year.

The Karagöl Festival held in the last week of May and the Apple Festival organized in the first week of October are among the most enjoyable festivities in Bolu. The scene of many events, concerts and oil wrestling competitions, the festivals host a great number of guests every year.

The Mengen Cooks and Tourism Festival, one of the most important events in Bolu, is carried out in the third week of June every year. Aimed at bringing together skilled chefs and contributing to the diversification of flavors the festival familiarizes visitors also with the diverse specialties of Bolu.

Well-known also for the organization of Akşemseddin, Şehriman, Babahızır and Ummü Kemal commemoration days, this beautiful city welcomes visitors all the year round!


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