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The gateway to the eastern Black Sea Region, Ordu is situated at a uniquely well preserved location blending history with nature. 

Offering different natural beauties in every season, Ordu is a must see location for all holiday makers who like to explore places and embark on adventure.  The province is representative of the world-famous nature of the Black Sea and is typically beset with many valleys, plateaus, lakes and rivers.  

Ulugöl lies amidst an emerald green forest which changes its color with every season and is an ideal location for camping.

Hoynat Island which is the habitat of gulls and cormorants is the only birds’ paradise of Turkey that shelters also the European shag.  

The Asarkaya National Park, Turnasu Valley, Ordu Çambaşı Plateau and Meleti River are among the other natural attractions waiting to be explored.

As for the city center of Ordu, the well preserved magnificent castles spread all over the city are among the other must see locations in the area. The Ünye, Gölköy, Kurul and Bolaman castles offer a magnificently unique view of the region and represent the historical texture of the city.

Ordu offers also a series of museums for visitors who want to engage in historical and cultural pursuits.  The Ordu Museum, Paşaoğlu Mansion and Ethnography Museum and Taşbaşı Cultural Center draw attention both for their collections and architecture.  

Boztepe, which may be called the summit of Ordu, impresses visitors with a magnificent view of the area. With an altitude of 450 meters above sea level, Boztepe rises above slopes where the early settlement of the city had occurred.

Yasonburnu Peninsula (Cape Jason), on the other hand, will make you feel like you are in a fairy tale land.  The site of some breathtaking views, Yasonburnu is at the same time the location of a church made in 1869.

Ordu offers you also the opportunity to spend some enjoyable times at the beach resorts of the region where you can enjoy the sea and the sun during the summer season.  Çaka Beach, Efirli Beach and Mavi Dünya (Blue World) Beach are among the popular places where choppy waters meet the shining sun.

The thermal springs located in the Fatsa district of Ordu province will wash away the stress of the day. Sarmaşik Thermal Springs and the facilities in the area offer you the opportunity to relax and rejuvenate during your stay.

The world’s leading hazelnut grower, Ordu will impress you also with its local cuisine. Dishes such as mısır yarmali aş sarmasi (wrapped leaves filled with corn paste), fried pumpkin, anchovy rolls, phyllo pastry, sweet bulgur pilaf and homemade jams and pickles in addition to local desserts are among the most popular local delicacies waiting for you.

All you need is to book your ticket if you are curious about Ordu the epitome of the Black Sea culture.

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