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Situated by the azure Mediterranean coast with a cultural background dating back to the ancient times, Mersin is a popular holiday destination offering a variety of entertaining activities.

Mersin has a history dating back to 700 BC and many historical places to sightsee. The ancient cities in the towns of Yumuktepe, Mezitli, Aydıncık, Bozyazı, Erdemli, Mut, Silifke, Tarsus and Anamur are surrounded with innumerable monuments displaying the traces of antiquity.  

Mersin Museum, Silifke Ataturk House and Ethnography Museum, Tarsus Museum and Tasucu Arslan Eyce Amphora Museum display archaeological as well as modern artifacts and are also popular for their impressive architecture.

Settled thousands of years ago and the cradle of a variety of cultures and beliefs, Mersin is home to numerous cultural landmarks. The St. Paul's Church, Arab Orthodox Church, Red Church, Hagia Thekla Underground Church,  Eshab-I Keyf Mosque, Makam-I Şerif Mosque, Ulu Mosque and the Prophet Daniel Tomb as well as Nure Sofi Tomb are some of the religious sites worth to sightsee.

Situated at a main transit point by the Mediterranean Sea, Mersin has been the center of various civilizations throughout the history and witnessed the construction of various historical forts. The city is surrounded with innumerable historical sites such as Kızkalesi, Candir Castle and Gülek Castle.

Seven Sleepers (Eshab-I Keyf) Cave and Astım (Asthma) Cave, Köşebük, Heaven and Hell caves are some of the significant natural sites opened to visitation. Especially the Cave of the Seven Sleepers is considered a holy site according to Christian and Islamic faith.

The Alahan Monastery included on UNESCO’S Tentative World Heritage List, St. Paul's Church, St. Paul’s Well and environment in addition to Mamure Castle are among the must-see places too.

In addition to sight-seeing, you should also get some beach towels as the province is famous for its long beaches stretching along the crystal clear sea. Seaside resorts such as Erdemli, Silifke, Aydıncık Tarsus, Bozyazı and Anamur offer ideal opportunities to enjoy the advantages of the sunny Mediterranean climate.

The natural landscape of Mersin province is also suitable for a variety of sports activities. You can spend some adrenaline filled times by engaging in outdoor activities like scuba diving, trekking, mountaineering, paragliding or jeep safari.  

You should also taste the delicacies of the traditional cuisine of the Mediterranean city with the richest cultural heritage. In addition to Tantuni, a special dish of the region made of meat and a mixture of spices, sesame soup, hummus, Tarsus Kebab, sturgeon fish, içli köfte (stuffed meatballs) as well as region-specific desserts like cezerye and kerebiç are some of the local specialties you should taste.

Mersin offers a wide range of cultural legacies, tasteful delicacies and activities and places to explore. Wouldn’t you like to embark on an enjoyable holiday?

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