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A city for history, adventure and sports enthusiasts, Kars never fails to engage its visitors, not even in winter with its fully equipped winter sports facilities.

Ani Historical Site is one of the first places to visit. The majority of the remains, which are generally called as the Ani Ruins, date from the period between 8th and 13th centuries BC. The walls being 8 meters in height, the total length of the Ani walls is approximately 4,500 meters. With their eight gates, they constitute the city limits. The historical sites of this city, called “the Land of the Kings,” are not to be missed at all events.

Kars Museum consists of an archeology and an ethnography hall that are worth seeing with their rich collections. Also of historical interest are the relics from Kazım Karabekir Pasa, the savior of the city during the War of Independence. The white wagon, given as a gift by the Russian Generals, is open to visitors.

The architectural structures of historical interest consist of the castles with splendid views of the city. Kars Castle, İnkaya-Micingirt Castle, Sugurtus-Zivin Castle are among those that should be visited.

Palace of Beylerbeyi at the outskirts of the Kars Casle and the Selcuklu Palace situated close by the Ani Historical Site would take you back to the city’s imperial past.

Hosting many different religions throughout history, Kars is home to a variety of religious buildings. Church of the Holy Apostles also known as the Cathedral of Kars, Tigran Honents Church, Church of the Virgins (Pigeons), Abukhamrents Church, Saint Prkich Church in addition to the Ebul Hasan Harakani Tomb and Mosque, Menucehr Mosque, Yusuf Pasa Mosque and Fethiye Mosque are the most outstanding religious centers to be seen.

The caves, Tombul Tepe and Kurbanaga contain the wall drawings of human and animal figures from the early Paleolithic period, together with early stone equipments. Taking you back to 10 thousand BC, they are excellent attractions for cave and archeology lovers.

Kars hosts his sports lover visitors especially during winter, in its skiing center in Sarikamis. Surrounded by a yellow pine forest and situated on plateau at a 3,000 meter altitude, the center is just the right place to have an unforgettable skiing experience. The best season for winter sports is the period between December 10 and April 10.

Situated about 40 kilometers out of the city, Kuyucuk Lake is an internationally recognized wetland and protected as a Wild Life Reserve. One of the natural wonders of the country, Kuyucuk Bird Paradise houses 182 bird species.  

In Kars, you have the unique luxury to see the 19th century Russian architecture side by side with the Ottoman period houses.

You should also spare your time and energy to sample the best of Kars cuisine. Flour soup, Kars pasty, hangel (a kind of pastry served with yoghurt); goose cooked in tandoor (earthen jar) and rice with lamb’s meat are some of the dishes you should not miss.  

Kars, where culture and history meet splendid food and breathtaking nature sports, is waiting for you, too!

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