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Among nature's most beautiful and private nooks, Dalyan receives many visitors each year for its excellent climate and ancient monuments.

One of the most significant cities of the ancient world, Kaunos strikes the visitor as a rather rustic location hidden from the rest of the world. The region which is currently accessible only by crossing the channel by boat was an important port city in the ancient times.

It is possible to sightsee the ruins of the ancient city of Kaunos after taking a short boat ride. Visitors are advised not to leave Dalyan before visiting and experiencing the magic atmosphere of the ancient castle and its walls, the antique theater with a capacity of 5000 people, the church, the baths, cemeteries, temples and shrines and many other antiquities.  

Selected Europe’s best open space in 2008, Iztuzu Beach is the habitat of the Caretta Caretta turtle which is among the endangered species. It is possible to observe these wonderful creatures living by the white sandy beach covering an area of nearly 4.5 km along the turquoise sea.  Your visit to Iztuzu Beach which harbors numerous natural wonders will become an unforgettable holiday experience.

Well known for their healing and rejuvenating effect, you will enjoy the hot springs and mud baths more than you would think. The thermal bath of Sultaniye with its mineral-laden waters at 39 degrees is only one of the numerous healing centers from the ancient times.

Popular for its beauty mud, Gelgirme spa is among the highly sought thermal facilities due to its rejuvenating effect. After you have taken a bath for 45 minutes, you can get cleaned and get into the thermal waters for 30 minutes.

One can join a variety of tours in Dalyan. You can join a boat tour and visit the region's most beautiful bays or embark on an adventure and take part in a jeep safari or rafting activity in Dalaman River if you like to boost your adrenaline level.

You can also join any of the tours that will take you to the habitat of the Carette Caretta turtle and the Nile soft-shell turtle where you can observe these species more closely in their natural environment. 

The fascinating underwater of the region is another factor that draws visitors to Dalyan. The region is in high demand among professional divers as well as amateurs who are keen on exploring the diving spots of the area. 

Truly a hidden paradise, Dalyan invites you to take a vacation in the bosom of nature!

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