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Once one of the most important six cities of Ancient Lykia, Demre today as well, is one of the most important provinces of Antalya, the pearl of Southern Turkey.

Set at the foot of the Taurus Mountains next to the beautiful Mediterranean Sea, Demre is also known as “the Castle of Santa Clause”

Demre, where St. Nicholas; known throughout the world as Santa Clause, spent most of his life and passed away, is famous for the church and museum of St. Nicholas. The museum holds a historic church and a chapel where a sarcophagus believed to belong to St. Nicholas is placed.

The ancient city of Myra is another important place with amazing historic remains. Famous for its rock graves, the city welcomes thousands of people interested in history. This city is also where St. Nicholas served as a bishop.  An ancient theater, a basilica and a necropolis are among the most interesting historic pieces you can see in Myra which means “Divine Mother Goddess”.

The historic remains of Andriace, the coastal town of Mira are situated at the foot of the mount at the mouth of the harbor.  The agora, a silo building and aqueducts are among the historic pieces you can see. The beach in Myra where the blue waters of the sea meet the sun, is also a habitat for the caretta carettas.

The sunken city of Kekova is one of the most interesting places to discover in Demre.  The Kekova Island, the ancient city of Aperlai, Toprakada and Karaada are the residential areas. A favorite destination of blue voyages, Kekova is a unique place with its amazing nature and historic pieces.  

Theimussa, known locally as the Üçağız Bay, is an ancient city which is also a natural harbor. Most of the historic remains in this area are ancient graves belonging to the Hellenistic and Roman times.  

The ancient city of Sura, close to Myra, is accepted as one of the oracle places of Apollo. Here you can also see remains of the Temple of Apollo and the acropolis.

Demre hosts many ancient cities to visit. In the ancient city of Kyaenai situated steep rocks, you can visit an ancient theater, an acropolis and a necropolis alongside sarcophagi dating back to Roman times.  The Demre Castle, Asar Castle, the Vicarage, Içme Suyu and the Cave of Pirates are among the authentic and historic places you must visit.

Demre, situated in Antalya, one of the most beautiful regions of Mediterranean, is looking forward to sharing its beauties dating from ancient times.

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