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Hailed as one of the best diving areas in Turkey, Kas attracts also worldwide attention for its ancient cities, sports facilities and awesome geography.

Established on the banks of a magnificent bay, Kalkan is located near to Kaş and another must see attraction for its splendid harbor with a large capacity and its proximity to Güvercinlik (Pigeons’) Cave.

Saklikent, on the other hand, is a tranquil place surrounded with sycamore trees where you can take a break and cool off in the shade and watch the river flowing in all its glory.  

The ancient city of Antiphellos, the Lycian sarcophagi that have survived from the ancient times and the antique theater of Kas with an impressive capacity of four thousand viewers are among the important historic legacies built in the 1st century BC. ​

Patara is another important historical site. The Patara Theater positioned on a hillside and with a viewer capacity of 10 thousand and the magnificent Patara Beach are some of the ancient sites you should visit.

Xanthos, Komba, Nisa and Kandyba are among the further ancient settlements bearing a variety of structures and monuments where visitors can engage in exploring the nature and the cultural heritage of the region.

Kaleköy, which can be reached only via boat from Kaş, is another splendid resort harboring a castle offering a bedazzling view.

The Greek island of Meis located in the Mediterranean Sea, is the closest island to Antalya. There are ferries leaving from Kaş to the island where you can undertake round tours. 

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that there is no sport you cannot do in Kaş. Scuba diving, paragliding, canoeing, hiking, fishing and climbing are some of the adrenaline boosting and entertaining sports you can do in the area.

You will enjoy swimming with the fishes in the crystal clear waters of Kas popular for its underwater diversity and be impressed by the scenic beauty of the area when viewed from above in the air.  

Offering a variety of sightseeing and sport alternatives, Kaş is ready to welcome visitors any season of the year.

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