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Denizli is one of the most beautiful cities of the Aegean Region welcoming thousands of guests for its cultural and natural beauty every year.

Included on the UNESCO World Heritage List, Pamukkale reveals stunning nature and incredible views and is surrounded with hot springs and pools comprised of terraces and travertines. Positioned in the Menderes Valley, this natural wonder welcomes visitors from all countries around the world.

The ancient city of Hierapolis in the vicinity of Pamukkale was founded by Eumenes in 190 BC. In the vicinity of Pamukkale and of religious significance as it is claimed to be the site where the Christian apostle St. Philip was killed, the ancient city has been a popular place of visit for centuries. The antique site encompasses a Turkish bath, theater and Medusa statue for protection from evil eyes and is highly frequented by visitors who want to explore a number of secrets pertaining to the ancient times.

A major health center during the Roman period, the Antique Pool of Pamukkale welcomes many visitors today for its healing waters claimed to be the cure for many ailments.  

Among the districts of Denizli province, Buldan is popular for a number of natural sites and the ancient city of Triapolis. Once in Buldan, you should also take a look at the authentic products and designs made of the region’s unique fabric called Buldan fabric.

Another major city of the Aegean Region, Denizli has a highly advanced culinary culture including a wide range of traditional recipes that delight the palate of foreign tourists.  Un çorbası (flour soup), Arapaşı, msır gömbesi, spinach buns, et çevirme, sıyırma, yoğurtlu patlıcan gömmesi (fried eggplants with yoghurt), alaçora, süller pidesi (pita bread made in local style), in addition to sweets such as wheat flour halva with molasses syrup, macur tatlisi, and Tavas baklava are among the local specialties.

Denizli, surrounded with numerous charming resorts and natural sites is waiting for you to visit.

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