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How can I get there?

Denizli is just a flight away from other countries and any other city in Turkey as the province is located in a central position in the Aegean Region and possesses convenient transportation means.

The Denizli Çardak Airport accommodates domestic flights from Istanbul on a daily basis. The shuttles and taxis stationed outside of the airport gates will take you to any destination within the province.

Tourists who prefer the highway can make use of the bus services taking tourists to any province in Turkey including Denizli. The shuttles and taxis waiting at Denizli Bus Terminal will be at your service.

Visitors from Izmir may also take the train. The railway between Izmir and Denizli has been renewed and provides for a comfortable journey.

Denizli is ready to welcome you any season of the year if you are ready to explore this unique city!

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