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Ahmet Cevdet Pasa


Ahmed Jawdat Pasha was born in Lofça, Lovech, today Bulgaria on 22 March 1822. He went to Istanbul to complete his education at a religious college in 1839. Mathematics and astronomy intrigued Ahmed Cevdet Pasha. During the holidays, he read many works on arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and astronomy. He made arrangements with a teacher in the Imperial Military Engineering School (Mühendishane-i Berri-i Humayun) to instruct him in modern mathematics and read with him the engineering journals and Ishak Efendi's works on the mathematics


In 1844/45, he became qadi (judge) and then the juridical adviser to the grand vizier (Ottoman prime minister), Mustafa Reşid Paşa, from 1846 to 1858. He played an important role in the preparation of Mecelle, the civil code of the Ottoman Empire in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, which was the first codification of Islamic law with Western standards. Cevdet Pasha oversaw the formulation of the Mecelle. He is also well known for a book on Ottoman history, now known as Cevdet Paşa Tarihi ("History of Cevdet Pasha").


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