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Reputed most with its extraordinarily fertile lands and broad range of agricultural products, Adana is the center of a region called “Cukurova”, the agricultural coastal lowlands.

It is said that the history of the city dates back to 8000 years, hosting more than 40 civilizations. In fact, throughout the history, the city itself and its surroundings have been highly attractive places for several reasons beyond the rich flora, such as the mild weather, rich underground and running water resources, its geographical position at the only passway to Mesopotamia in South Anatolia and finally rich mineral resources.

Adana, being one of the large towns of Asia Minor, about 40 kilometers inland from the sea, ranks as the fourth largest city of Turkey with its nearly 1,500.000 inhabitants. The Taurus Mountains, forming the northern border-lines of the province, exhibit altitudes as high as over 3000 meters.


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