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Water temperature: Vakifbahce Spring – 47°C. Karamustafa Spring – 58°C. Kaynarca and Yenikaplica Springs – 77°C. Kukurtlu Hamam Spring – 78°C
pH value: Vakifbahce Spring – 6.98. Karamustafa Spring – 6.6. Kaynarca and Yenikaplica Springs – 6.78. Kukurtlu Hamam Spring – 6.44


Physical and chemical properties: The group of springs contain some, or all of the following: hyperthermal, hypertonic, oligometallic and radioactive, bicarbonate, sulphur, calcium, magnesium, sodium and carbon dioxide.
Recommended: Applications Drinking and bathing
Helps to heal: Rheumatic ailments, painful disorders of muscular system, chronic gynaecological infections and cramps, blood clots and bronchitis. Combination of bathing and drinking for liver and gall bladder condition, mild gout and diabetes, and obesity.


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