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Balcova Thermal Resort: (Agememnon)


Location: 10km west of Izmir and west of Balcova, near the historical site of Agememnon.
Water temperature: Spring and well water vary between 45°C -140°C.
pH value: 6.4
Physical and chemical properties: Chlorine, bicarbonate, sodium, calcium, carbon dioxide and fluoride. Hyperthermal (62 °C) and Hypertonic (30.68 milimol/l.).
Helps to heal: Rheumatic ailments, digestive tract, eye ailments, poor metabolism, liver and gall bladder problems and heart and circulatory conditions, and nervous disorders.


It is the largest thermal treatment center in Turkey. The healing characteristics of geothermal waters have been used in the treatment of a variety of ailments since 2000 BC, the time of King Agamemnon.  The heat of the water at the source is 62 degrees centigrade and has unusual  mineralisation con- firming its healing qualities. The spa waters here have  healing effects on:  -Myalgia -Urinary Stones -Rheumatic diseases -Orthopedic operations and healing  of broken bones -Gynecological diseases.


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