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Extant since the ancient times, Kuşadası harbors natural and historical wonders alongside magnificent beaches.

Güvercin Ada (Pigeon Island) is among the major touristic attractions. Dating back to the Byzantine era the island took its final shape after it was reconstructed to guard against any possible attacks. The castle rising above the hill will mesmerize you with its amazing view.

Neopolis, where the first settlement in Kusadasi occurred, is a little peninsula stretching into the sea near to Güvercin Island. Offering a breathtaking view the antique settlement is among the must-see sites of Kusadasi.

The Oküz Mehmet Pasha Caravanserai was built during the Ottoman era to contribute to the overseas trade. The caravanserai exemplifying the amazing architecture of the Ottomans, functions as a shopping center comprising little shops selling local products. The site is also a popular venue where Turkish nights are organized.

Pygala, established by Agememnon one of the most renowned rulers of antiquity and Paniomion, one of the 12 Ionian cities, are among the most significant ancient sites rich in history and antique monuments.

Constructed during the Ottoman era, Kaleici Mosque, decorated with mother of pearl inlaid, is one of the finest examples of the architecture of the period.

Milli Park (National Park) is the habitat of a variety of flora and fauna including rare plants and the Mediterranean monk seals. Nature enthusiasts interested specifically in examining flora and fauna should make sure to pay a visit to Milli Park.

The more than 20 km- long- seaside including beaches such as Güvercinada, Yılancı Burnu, Yavansu, Karaova is another tourist attraction of the area. Adjoining the deep blues sea the beaches of Kusadasi will make you feel comfortable and relaxed under the warm Aegean sun.

The refreshing thermal springs of Çiban, Venus and Güzelcamlı are awaiting their guests to offer an altogether different experience for visitors looking for healing and relaxation.

Furthermore, Kusadasi is among the major cruising destinations hosting well known cruise ships from all around the world. Passengers of cruise lines stopping over in Kusadasi will be amazed by the beauty of the resort and the variety of touristic attractions in the area.

A cove where history meets the blue sea, Kusadasi is ever ready to welcome its visitors any time of the year!

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