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Adana, which integrates the abundant natural landscape with a modern infrastructure, is located by the Mediterranean coast.

Having harbored many civilizations for thousands of years the region is rich in ruins waiting to be explored. The historical sites of Anavarsa, Shar, Magarsos, Ayas, Akoren and Ceyhan bear the traces of the ancient cities and are still well-preserved. Particularly Anavarsa reminds one of an open air museum with its castle, mosaic pools, triumphal arch and columns.

The local museums exhibiting the findings as well as cultural assets from the past to the present are among the must-see places of Adana province.  The Adana Archaeological Museum, the Ethnographic Museum, Ataturk Museum and Misis Mosaic Museum open doors to the local history.

Positioned by the sea Adana is also a popular tourist attraction during the summer season.  Yumurtalı and Karataş are among the favorite beaches where one can enjoy both the sun and the sea. These locations are also well-known for their cruise and yacht tourism. 

Located in front of the Taurus Mountains Adana is also blessed with lush green and cool highlands. The highlands located in the towns of Aladağ, Kozan, Pozanti and Tufanbeyli are ideal trekking locations and provide the opportunity to get to know the region in more detail.

Influenced by diverse cultures Adana has in store the relics of a variety of cultures.  Taşköprü, Yılanlı and Dumlu castles, Tepebağ houses, Ramazanoğlu Bazaar and Kurtkulağı Caravanserai are only some of the important landmarks of the area. Furthermore, theKozan Castle and Monastery, Bebekli Church, Ulu Mosque and Complex, Hasan Aga, Hoşkadem and the Yağ and Yeni mosques are some of the religious sites worth the visit.

In Adana province one may explore the history of the region as well as engage in a series of sports activities. Trekking, horseback riding, hiking, scuba diving, rafting, canoeing, windsurfing and angling are some of the adrenaline packed activities you may pursue during your stay.

You may prefer to visit the old and the new bazaars of Adana and take a look at the local specialties and handmade traditional arts and crafts on sale.

The hub of the Turkish kebabs which are well known around the globe, the cuisine of Adana will surely not disappoint you. Adana kebab, appetizers, içli köfte and cig köfte, sıkma, humus, bartefit, sırdan, mumbar dolma are some of the popular dishes, made mainly of meat, cracked wheat, flour and a variety of spices, which you may try together with local drinks such as turnip juice and ayran.

Adana is the ideal destination for vacationers who want to take a time travel to the past and taste the delicious dishes of the Anatolian cuisine.  

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