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Kayseri is situated in Central Anatolia and has a unique geography and history dating back to 6000 years. The region is frequented by tourists both in summer and winter months.

The historical site of Kültepe is among the worldwide famous and highly valued ancient sites. The artifacts and cuneiform tablets of the Assyrian, Hittite, Roman, Persian and Tabalian periods are among the oldest written findings found in Anatolia so far.

Built in the 3rd century, the Kayseri castle and walls is comprised of two sections, the inner and outer wards of the castle. Built for protection, these structures offer a terrific view of the city.

History enthusiasts can visit the Archaeological Museum and Ethnographic Museum of the city and take a look at the monuments and artifacts retrieved from excavations conducted in the region. These are ideal places to start exploring the region.

The capital of the Cappadocia region, Kayseri is a colorful cultural mosaic as it has been home to diverse civilizations and religions through the centuries.

Mausoleums like Zeynel Abidin, Burhaneddin and Melikgazi in addition to churches such as the Church of St. Gregory, Surp Astuadzadzin, Agios, Anagir, Greek Church of Talas and some rock churches are among the religious structures worth the visit.

The Grand Bazaar, Vezir Han, Sultanhan and Bedesten (covered bazaar) as well as the Karatay and Kara Mustafa Pasha caravanserais are among the most outstanding historical sites to sightsee and do some shopping.

Bayramhacı, Tekgöz and Çiftgöz are among the well-known thermal spas of the region. Known to be effective for the treatment of many ailments, the thermal springs contribute also to the relaxation and rejuvenation of the body.

You can take a sojourn into nature by partaking in excursions to the Devenk, Berçin, Soganli, Barsama, and Hacer highlands and take a break in Aladaglar National Park.

One of the highest peaks of Anatolia, Mount Erciyes is the ideal location for outdoor sports enthusiasts who want to engage in skiing and mountaineering.  Rising to 3917 meters, Mount Erciyes offers a pleasant time on the ski slopes and the summit. Paragliding is another sports option that can be done on site.

Famous for its traditional delicacies such as mantı, sucuk and pastırma, Kayseri has also a rich cuisine including dishes like kesme çorba (knife-and-fork soup), kağıtta pastırma (oven-backed pastırma), çemen bread, ayvali tahinli yaprak sarma (leaf rolls with quince and tahini), yağlama and halvet.

How about visiting this beautiful and multicultural city located at the midpoint of Anatolia?

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