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One of the most beautiful cities of the Aegean Region, Manisa has many cultural and traditional assets. Numerous sites of interest as well as tasty specialties await visitors in the province.

The Museum of Manisa, exhibiting the relics and artifacts illustrating the cultural values and historical development of the city, is a must-see site to get familiar with the mindset of the region. The Akhisar Museum and Kula Kenan Evren Ethnographic Museum are among the further venues where historical works and artifacts are displayed.

The ancient city of Sardes and the Bintepeler Tumuli, which candidate for the UNESCO World Heritage List and are located near to Salihli in Manisa province, contain relics and monuments that bear the traces of the ancient period.  Having served as the capital of the Lydian Empire this ancient city, along with Tyateira and Philadelphia located in Manisa comprise three of the Seven Churches mentioned in the Book of Revelation.

The ancient cities such as Aigai and Saittai and the ancient monuments such as Julia Gordos and the Temple of Artemis are among the many treasures of Manisa.

The Ulu, Hatuniye, Sultan and Muradiye mosques are some of the most important structures in the area. By following the traces of the Ottomans in Manisa, which is abundant in historical mosques, you will be informed about the cultural formation of the city.

Niobe, also known as the Weeping Rock, is located on Mount Spil. According to Greek mythology, Niobe was turned into a rock to release her from grieving for the loss of her children. The rock statue of Cybele from the 13th century BC is dedicated to Cybele, goddess of fertility.

Kula is popular for its houses and natural wonders like the fairy chimneys and volcanoes which are the outcome of the operations of time and nature. Salihli, on the other hand, is well-known for the 15,000 to 20,000-year-old fossil footprints unearthed and preserved on site.

Manisa, with its magnificent nature is an ideal location for various sports activities such as paragliding, trekking, mountaineering and fishing.

Vacationers should make sure to sightsee the Byzantine Yogurtcu Castle and Manisa Castle located in the foothills of Mount Spil and visit the local bazaars offering a wide range of souvenirs and food items.

Furthermore, Manisa draws attention for its delicious cuisine. The local cuisine is basically comprised of meat and vegetable dishes and various fruits. Manisa kebab, şevketi bostan (blessed thistle dish), börülce tarator (cowpeas tarator), simit bread, mushrooms dessert and zerde are among the best-known delicacies. Synonymous with the city, Mesir paste has become worldwide renown.

A traditional province still preserving its cultural and historical assets, Manisa welcomes its guests any time of the year!

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