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The fertile lands of Kastamonu province have been home to many civilizations for centuries. Nowadays, the region invokes interest for its valuable artifacts and green landscape.

You can visit the historical sites of Taşköprü, Inebolu, Devrekâni, Tosya and Cide and sightsee a wide range of ruins abounding in Kastamonu province. Located in the town of Taşköpru, and well known for its resemblance to the ancient city of Ephesus, the ancient site of Pompeipolis features many ruins and mosaics to sightsee.

Kastamonu has also a series of museums which exhibit the ancient artifacts unearthed within the province as well as artifacts of the Turkish architecture of the more recent periods. The Archaeology, Ethnography, Livapaş, Historical Museum and Hz. Piri museums are among the must-see locations.

Made in the early Byzantine period, Kastamonu Castle will fascinate you with its panoramic view of the province while the rock tombs built in the 7th century BC will take you to ancient times.

The Atabey, Ibni Neccar, and Mahmut Bey Mosques in addition to the Ismail Bey Mosque Complex are among the historic structures demonstrating the Islamic influence in the region. Furthermore, the Deve, Ismail Bey, Urgan and Gökçeagaç hans are among the notable inns of the region that deserve to be explored.

The traditional Kastamonu houses, bearing the traces of traditional Turkish house architecture and the influences of the late Ottoman era, are among the impressive structures observable in almost every neighborhood. Located on cobblestoned streets, each of these historic houses has its own story to tell.

The Western Black Sea Mountain ranges rising above the province attract the attention for their peaks and national parks that have become integral with the city life. The Ilgaz Mountain National Park, Kure Mountains National Park and Kastamonu Natural Area are among the major getaways to take a sojourn into nature.

The landscape of Kastamonu is highly suitable for mountaineering, trekking and similar outdoor sports. You can visit the Ilgaz Mountain Ski resort and engage in winter sports or visit the horse ranches at Daday and take part in horse riding tours.

You can also go to the beaches and enjoy the seaside if you are in Kastamonu during the summer months. Both archaeological sites and conservation areas, the beaches located at towns such as Cide Gideros Cove, Kumluca, Doğanyurt, Inebolu, Gemiciler, Abana and Bozkurt give you the chance to enjoy the seaside of the Black Sea region.

Popular for its local agro-products such as the Kastamonu apples, cherries, Tosya grapes, İnebolu urchins, plums and walnuts, Kastamonu has a rich cuisine comprised of meals that are worthy of a feast.  Do not miss the chance to try the world’s best garlic grown in the town of Taşkörü, etli ekmek (bread with meat), ekşi pilav (sour rice), kuyu kebab, banduma (a special dish made of turkey and pastry) and çekme helva (a traditional sweet).

Apart from its cuisine, Kastamonu is famous also for its woven fabrics and handicrafts. You may consider purchasing some samples of them as souvenirs for yourself or loved ones.

Kastamonu invites you to discover this unique city of the Black Sea Region. 

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