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It is known that the first settlement occurred in 5500 BC and that the region came under the domination of the Hittite, Phrygian, Lydian, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman civilizations.

Well-known for its cultural diversity, Amasya province is rich in historically significant monuments and artifacts amidst a lush green and generous landscape.   

The King rock tombs of the Pontic Empire before the Common Era are among the most important ancient monuments of the region. Carved into limestone rocks on the slopes of Mount Harşena, these tombs mark the city skyline a Hellenistic flair.

Made during the Early Roman period and mentioned in the legend of Ferhat and Shirin, the Ferhat Water Channel was built into carved rocks to provide the region with water supply. Positioned parallel to the present day highway the channel is about 6 km in length.

Amasya Castle is another tourist attraction that is situated on the steep slopes of Mount Harşena. Offering a unique view of Amasya, the castle bears the ruins of the Girls Palace in the southern section and borders the Tombs of the Kings on the other side.

Steeped in history, museums such as the Ethnography, Şehzadeler, Alpaslan, Sabuncuoğlu Medical and Surgical History, and Amasya National Defence Museum exhibit the relics of the region from the ancient times to the present.  

The Ottoman-era mosques, madrasas and inns are among the further must-see places. The Burmalı Minare, Gümüşlü and Gökmedrese mosques as well as Kapi Aga Madrasah,  Ezine Han and Eski Hamam are among the historical structures worth visiting.

Offering a splendid view the Yaliboyu Houses, lined along the Yeşilırmak river in front of magnificent mountains, are among the most beautiful spots of Amasya. The Yaliboyu houses are among the must-see attractions that fascinate the sightseers with their colorful facade and traditional architecture.

Blessed with hot springs, Amasya is also popular for its thermal facilities which are claimed to contribute positively to the treatment of various diseases.  Gözlek Thermal as well as Terziköy and Hamamözü are some of the long-established spas that ensure visitor satisfaction.

Borabay Lake, Yedikuğular Bird Sanctuary and the picnic area in Çamlık are ideal locations where one can take a sojourn into nature and enjoy long walks. Surrounded by lush green forests, you can inhale the fresh air of the Black Sea region.  Moreover, outdoor sports enthusiasts may take part in activities such as trekking, cycling, angling and camping or pursue hobbies such as birding or botany. 

Prepared with great care and specially served, the traditional dishes of the province such as çatal çorba (a knife and fork soup), göbek dolma (stuffed ribs), pastırmalı pancar (beets with bacon, patlıcan pehli (eggplant pehli),  Amasya çöreği (Amasya muffins), yakasal börek (yakasal pastry) and gömlek kadayıf  will delight your taste buds.

Famous for its muscatel apples, cherries and peaches and more importantly for its notable scientists, artists and poets, Amasya is ready to welcome guests in any season.

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