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Surrounded by high mountains and located by the deep blue sea, Rize is blessed with a rich culture and a variety of natural sites to see and numerous delicacies to taste.

Comprised of a variety of districts with unique features, Rize offers a variety of tourism alternatives that will turn your holiday into an invaluable experience.  

The highlands, namely Ayder, Cad, Pokut, Sal, Elevit, Kavron, Anzer, Palovit , İkizdere and Hazindağ are the manifestations of the workings of perfect nature. You will inhale pure oxygen while marveling at the variety of flowers with different and unique scents between the trees of lush green pastures. What’s more, you can drink some fresh tea if you come across the local people living in the quaint houses in the highlands and listen to their stories.

The Rize Atatürk's House Museum and Rize Ethnographic Museum exhibit a variety of exquisite collections ranging from archaeological artifacts to the keepsakes of Atatürk.  

You will encounter traditional houses usually made of wood or stone and generally build on slopes due to the geographical formation of the area.

Some of the traditional houses which date back to previous centuries and give a picture of the architectural landscape of Rize have been turned into boutique hotels.

Once established for defense purposes, Rize Castle, Zilkale, Maiden Castle and the Kale-i Bala are among the castles opened to the public for their magnificent views. Apart from that, the famous tea plantations of Rize, which is the hub of tea production, will attract your attention for their unique scents and impress you with the delightful taste of the tea produced from these plants.

The most well-known highland, Ayder, shows not only the features of typical plateau life but is also a center of traditional entertainment and thermal tourism. In addition to Ayder;  İkizdere, Anzer and Çayeli, Kuşpa are among the other thermal springs that offer relaxation and regeneration with their healing waters.

The Kaçkar Mountains rising in the east of Rize province are among the mountain ranges of Turkey with the highest peak.  The Firtina and Ikizdere rivers have been formed by the mountain streams that come from the Kaçkars which are covered with snow in all seasons.   

In addition to the streams, which are ideal locations for rafting, the area is also rich in waterfalls, creeks and lakes that mesmerize nature lovers with their beautiful sight. Apart from that, the water of the drinking fountains you may come across in different corners will appeal to your senses with its fresh and natural taste.

The Black Sea region is known for its wild seas. Yet, on days when the weather conditions are right, you may also take a dive into the sea from the shores of the coastal town of Çayeli.

The ideal location for outdoor sports such as mountaineering, trekking, kayaking, fishing and bird watching, Rize is also well-known for its local entertainment that attracts the attention of visitors and draws them in to take part.

Horon is thetraditional folk dance while tulum (bagpipe) and kemençe are the local musical instruments. Danced to a paced and rhythmic tune, Horon is not only some enjoyable dance but also a central part of social life.

Knitted booties, textiles and shawls made of local cloth, silk scarves that regional women wrap around their head with and scaly shawls are some of the peculiarities visitors like to buy as gifts to loved ones.

One of the most impressive aspects of Rize is undoubtedly its kitchen. Dishes prepared with the freshest and most natural products leave an exquisite taste on the taster’s palate. You will not be truly acquainted with Rize unless you try some of the corn bread made of completely natural butter, cheese and flour, and specialties such as mıhlama, kuymak, hamsili  pilav (pilaf with anchovies), kavurma (fried meat and pita bread) lahana sarma (cabbage rolls) laz böreği (pastry made in local style) Rize’s natural tea and Anzer honey.

There is a lot more to discover if you are ready to get to know one of the most unique cultures of Anatolia.

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