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Places of interest

Karadeniz Ereğli Museum is worth seeing with art pieces from the history. The site which was opened in 1880 for coal production, is a "Mining Museum" today.

Çanakçılar Corporation Museum is located inside of Çanakçılar Ceramic Plant in Gökçebey district.

Fener District was built by French residents 100 years ago and is declared as urban archeological site

Uzunmehmet Monument was built for the memory of Uzun Mehmet who discovered hard coal for the first time. The monument is located on the Zonguldak-Kozlu highways.

Cehennemağzı Caves are mythological caves with interesting structure.

If you like nature, you should also visit Harmankaya Waterfalls.

Ereğli Castle was built in the beginning of 13th century.

Byzantine Cistern, Byzantine Church and Hagia Sophia Church (Orta Church) are other interesting and historical sites to visit.

Most important antic cities within the territories of the city, are Ereğli city (Herakleia Pontike) , which is founded by Mariandines, who were the successors of Frigs, during the 6th century B. C., and was an important commercial wharf (emperion), had taken its name from the famous hero of the mythology, Hercules (Heracles). City had preserved its importance during Roman, Byzantium, Seljukian, Otooman periods. Important historical ruins of the region are leading Acheron Valley Ruins, in which Cehennem Ağzı Caverns are present, Helen, Roman, Byzantium and Ottomans periods' products, rampart ruins, Ereğli castle, Heracles (Hercules) palace, Çeştepe lighthouse tower, Byzantium water cistern, Krispos mausoleum, Byzantium church, Hagia Sophia Church and Halil Paşa Mansion. 

Filyos city, other antic city of the city is known as Teion (or Tion) during antic period. Ruins within the region, holds the signs of Roman, Byzantium and Genevan periods. Antic port, castle, aqueducts, open - air theater and church ruins are remained from this period.

There are lots of natural beaches and sands through the 80 km of coastal band. Beginning from the east, Sazköy, Filyos, Türkali, Göbü, Hisararkası, Uzunkum, Kapuz, Karakum, Değirmenağzı, Ilıksu, Kireçlik, Armutçuk, Black Sea Ereğli, Mevreke, Alaplı and Kocaman sites are the beaches filled with regional residents during summer.

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