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Places of interest

Ancient cities

İhsaniye Ayazini Town (Metropolis) Ayazini town can be reached by turning right and getting 4.7 kilometre from the 27th km of Afyon-Eskişehir Highway. It is known to be used as a settlement since the Phyrigian period. Cave tomb rooms made for singles or families dated at Roman and Byzantine Periods, churches of Byzantine period and cave settlements are all engraved on rock due to the suitability of the land. Tomb rooms with lions and tomb rooms with columns moreover churches and chapels that are engraved on rock can be seen in the ancient city. 
İhsaniye Döğer Settlement City is located at 12 km from İhsaniye and known to be used as a settlement since Phyrigians. Lion rock, Gate Rock I and II and the rock monuments has been built in the 7th Century BC, in the name of Goddess Cybele has the quality of being an open-air temple. Moreover, Phyrigian settlements are located in Asar and Old Döğer. Various cave settlements , tomb rooms and churches dated at Roman and Byzantine Period can be visited in the ancient settlement. 
Synnada city is located at Şuhut town centre and is a huge city which was once the capital of central Phyrig during Roman and Byzantine Periods. 
Apameia city is located in Dinar. The previous name of Apameia was Keleneia. In ancient times it was known to be the second biggest city after Efes. 
Docimeium city is located at İscehisar town centre, which was built by Macedonians. 
Amorium city. Located at Hisarköy Village. The history of the city can be traced to Late Bronze Age. The city was called as Aura in the Period of Hittites and as Amorium in the Classic Age.

Bruzus is located in Karasandıklı Village, it is one of the five cities that are called as Pentapolis. It is located at the north of other cities. 
Eucarpeia is located at Emirhisar village in Sandıklı, Eucarpeia is one of the five Pentapolis cities. 
Hieropolis city is located at Koçhisar village in Sandıklı. Hierpolis is one of the Pentapolis cities. At the same time, the city was the centre of the Phrygia Salutaris (Curative Phrygia). Also it was named as the "Holy City". 
Otrus being one of the Pentapolis cities, which was built in Yanıkören village. 
Stectorıum. Being one of the Pentapolis cities was built in Menteş town, Sandıklı district. 
Ococleia city is located in Karacaören village, Şuhut district. The city with its partly autonomous status during Roman Period, minted bronze coins in the name of the Emperor collectively with Bruzus City. 
Lysias city is located in Arızlı village, Şuhut. 
Metropolis city was founded at Tatarlı town in Dinar district and it is known as Campus Metropolitanus or Phrygia Metropolis city. 
Cidyessus city is located at Küçükhöyük town Sincanlı district nearby Höyük locality. 
Prymnessus city is one of the great cities that was founded by the Phyrigians in Sülün Village Merkez district. Moreover, the huge sized Hercules statue taking place in this ancient city is exhibited in Afyon Archaeology Museum. 
Sanaus city was founded at Sarıkavak village, Dazkırı district. 

  Archeological Places

Göynüş Valley Open Air Temple It is located at Kayıhan quarter in İhsaniye county.One can reach the Temple through turning left and going 1,5 km from the 32nd km. of Afyon-Eskişehir Highway. In the valley, Göynüş Citadel, Aslantaş and Yılantaş tomb rooms that has embossed lion figures, Maltaş Cybele Open Air Temple can be visited. 


Afyon Castle. The history of the Castle can be traced to 1350 BC. On the top of the Castle are various worship places dedicated to Main Goddess Cybele and 4 large cisterns (water holes). During the period of Seljukian Sultan Alaaddin Keykubad, the castle was restored by the castle commander Ulumar Bedrettin Gevhertaş, a small mosque was added and a palace was constructed near the castle. 
Kırkinler Castle and Seydiler Castle in İscehisar district. The castle is located in Seydiler village in İscehisar district, Kırkinler is on the 32nd km. of Afyon-Ankara Highway. A settlement place, a church, a chapel and rocky masses used as tombs that were built in Byzantine Period still remain in the historical place.


Başkomutan (Chief Commander) Historical National Park is near the Afyon, Kutahya and Usak provinces of Western Anatolia. This park was established as a monument on behalf of war veterans who lost their lives in the War of Independence. The Turkish Liberation Attack, which began on 26 August 1922 and lasted three days, chased enemy troops and fought bloody battles in Kocatepe, before reaching Afyon. It was considered a great victory, under the command of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, which surprised the entire world. Other interesting features of the park include the valleys, which have water all year round, the wildlife in this region, and the variety of rare plant species. 
The main places of interest are the Kocatepe and Dumlupinar battlefields, which are in two separate sites, and martyrs’ tombs and the monuments. 


Dandindere (Dandin River) Nature Reserve is 30km from Emirdag, northeast of Afyon, in the Aegean Region. The park, covering an area of 260 hectares, is known for its groves of the rare Taurus Cedar tree (Cetrus Libani) which normally grows in southern Turkey. The Dandin River, which forms the northern boundary of the cedars, has been made a nature reserve in order to carry out scientific research and educational projects, and to encourage the preservation of the area. There are also many different varieties of juniper. Foxes, wolves, badgers, pigs, rabbits, partridges and quails also inhabit the park.


The White Elephant. Afyon is twinned with the town of Hamm in Germany, and now has a large statue of Hamm's symbolic white elephant. With its rich architectural heritage, the city is a member of the European Association of Historic Towns and Regions.


Altıgöz Bridge has been built by the Seljuqs in the 13th century.





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