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Adiyaman: A city of civilizations, founded in the 40000 BC on the Southeastern Taurus Mountain complex, one of the first human settlements to be known.

Home to 16 different civilizations, this ancient city is one of the prominent archeological sites in the world.

The famous Mount Nemrud and its ruins from the imperial cult of Commagene are located in the East Taurus mountain range.  In 2012, the Turkish chamber ensemble, Borusan Quartet, organized a concert entitled, “Songs Sung to the Sun,” at the summit of the Mount Nemrud, marking the place with an unforgettable musical experience.

Since the Taurus mountain range crosses the city, the city itself protected on the north by the Malatya Mountains, there are two different climates on the north and the south sides of Adiyaman. With hot summers and cold winters on the south side, the north side is cooler and colder in the summers and winters. 

Located in the Central Euphrates part of the Fertile Crescent, Adiyaman enjoyed being a center at the crossroads of major trade routes for thousands of years and thus hosted many civilizations. It is now your turn to follow those ancient routes. 

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