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Turkey which borders to completely different geographical locations on all fours sides bridges the East and the West with its education opportunities.

Nearly 200 universities with world class education standarts help prepare millions of young people to the future by offering high-quality education oppurtunities. Foreign students are offered the opportunity to study in Turkey too due to the international programs applied at many educational institutions whereby they experience the interaction of different cultures.

The language of education at higher education institutions, which are classified as state and private universities, is partly or entirely English depending on the education program.

Offering a variety of educational programs ranging from A.D. to B.A, M.A. and PhD programs, Turkish Universities are the symbol of development of modern Turkey.

Both foreign students and foreign students of Turkish origin are offered education by qualified teaching staff at Turkish universities after taking the required entrance examinations.

Many universities offer opportunities to discover diverse cultures and study in completely different geographical locations with international student exchange programs. Turkish universities that participate in international student exchange programs send many students abroad and welcome an equal number of foreign students every year.

Exchange programs are not only applied at universities but also at various high schools in Turkey which has exchange agreements particularly with many European countries and the U.S. besides other countries around the world.

By taking part in programs such as Erasmus, Rumi and ISE students will have the opportunity to visit a unique geography and experience unforgettable moments. Apart from this, students may also benefit from the exchange program scholarships.

Students can take an important step for their future and seize the opportunity of work for well known companies as interns while getting aquainted with Turkey's unique culture, nature and cultural diversity.

Our universities welcome all students who want to study in an environment that can offer high quality education opportunities and enhances one’s vision of life.

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