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Every year millions of tourists come to Turkey for health purposes and Turkey gains very important revenue. In addition to this, Turkey has important developments in medical tourism. In recent years, more and more patients choose health institutions in Turkey for treatments. The main reason, institutions can make modern medical operations with fair prices like other countries. Foreign patients from all over the world come to Turkey to health institutions for plastic surgery, eye operations, hair plantation, fertility, open heart operations, dermatology, cancer treatments, brain surgery, orthopedics, dental operations, etc. for lower prices with high-tech standards. However, despite the investment of billions of dollars made in Turkey for health tourism demand is not sufficient, and yet at the desired level. The deficiency on promoting and marketing of this sector can be seen the main reason for sufficiency. There are areas that are highly developed in Turkey, and as in many Asian countries, treatment and operation costs are very reasonable in comparison to western countries. For instance, fertility treatment is 15.000-16.000 Dollars in USA and 2.600 Dollars in Turkey. Eye operations are 4.000-8.000 Euro in European Countries and 600 Euro in Turkey. Open heart operation is 25.000 Euro in Europe and 10.000 Euro at first-class hospitals in Turkey. The institutions in Turkey follow the developments in USA and Europe very closely. Turkish doctors’ achievements are followed by all nations inthe World. The major aim must be providing the patients from medical treatments and also benefit from tourism potential in treatment areas. There are some examples for this concept in Kayseri. An eye center arranges a Cappadocia tour, skiing opportunities and cultural trips for its patients for five days with a professional tour agency.


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