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Turkey as a travel destination offers the traveler culture, art, sports and a good value for the dollar. It is one of the ten top travel destinations in the world. With such a long coastline along the sea Turkey offers swimming, boating, water rafting, yachting, hiking, biking, and hot air ballooning. These are just a few of the many fun activities you will experience when visiting Turkey. 

During the warmer months underwater diving is a sport where you can see underwater caverns and sunken ships. With the many different regions surrounded by the the sea you will have many different places to choose from for diving like Kas, Kemer, Bodrum, and Saro. The many rivers provide great opportunities for white water rafting, canoeing and water skiing. Visit the Artvin Coruh River, Rize Firtina River, and Dalman River. In recent times international golf courses have opened up allowing people from around the world to play. Some of the golf resorts you will want to visit are the Gloria Golf Resort, Noblis Golf Otel, and Klassis Golf and Country. Hunting is a popular sport in Turkey and hunting tours are arranged by tourism agencies. 

For the active tourist Turkey has many mountains that offer winter sport activities . The mountains offer wonderful winter sports like skiing, mountain climbing and hiking. Enjoy the winter sports by checking out some of the to climbing sites such as Agri-Mount Ararat, Kayseri-Mount-Erciyes, and Rize Kacker Mountain Range today. 

Explore the many exciting air sports such as paragliding, delta wings, ballooning, and parachuting. Turkey has approximately 40,000 caves and caverns to explore. For active explorers the from the Caverns of Antayla to the Caves of Zongulduk there is ample opportunity in Turkey to explore the interesting geological formations. This sport is known as spelunking. 

There are over 1,000 thermal springs in Turkey most are located in Mamara and the Aegean regions. People come to enjoy the many resorts built around the springs and heal various illness by bathing in the waters. The trade of silk was an important commodity to Turkey and the city of Anatolia was a major route. Visit this interesting city for culture and history. For younger travelers youth tourism is a big industry. There are many youth camps and special tours designed for high school and college age students. 

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