Kapak Fotoğrafı


One of the most beautiful holiday resorts of the Marmara region, Ayvalık attracts the attention particularly for its closeness to major cities such as Istanbul and Izmir.

Famous for its scenic beauty Ayvalık is also well known for its delicious cuisine. Comprised of a great variety of dishes prepared with ingredients such as olives, olive oil, organic herbs, vegetables and seafood the local cuisine will please your palate.

The resort, where you can enjoy the sea, nature, history and local cuisine, offers a variety of romantic and tranquil locations.

The site of tourist attractions such as Cunda Island and Şeytan Sofrası (Devils Banquet), offering terrific views of a colorful nature, this lovely holiday resort welcomes tourists through the entire year.

You will not regret spending your next holiday in this lovely seaside town located at the crossroads of the Marmara and Aegean Region.