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Cesme: the sunshine of the Aegean Sea, an ancient southern town that has preserved its natural beauty as on its first day.

Named originally Cyssus in the ancient time, the name of the location was eventually changed to Çeşme due to the cold and delicious water resources in the region. Building fountains at the onset of springs became a tradition within time and made Çeşme a site of attraction for its fountains.

Cesme, the site of ancient Erythrai (Ildırı) established by the Cretans as one of the cities of the Pan-Ionian League, is one of the most visited places of the Aegean region today.

The town has been under the rule of the Lydian, Persian, Pergamon, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman empires throughout the centuries. Today, the town impresses its visitors with its magnificent cultural mosaic.

The peninsula extending into the Aegean Sea, offers a spectacular view of the sea and the mountains rising behind of it. Hot and dry during the summer while mild and rainy during the winter, Çeşme will introduce you to a typical Mediterranean climate.

Cesme promising an unforgettable vacation under the sun, will impress visitors with its multicultural heritage, unique beaches and coasts, variety of water sports, and delicious Aegean cuisine.