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Gökçeada:  Gökçeada is Turkey's largest island located in Çanakkale province. The westernmost tip called İncirburnu is at the same time the westernmost tip of Turkey.

Located on
the northern end of the Aegean Sea, this island, noted for its original architecture and friendly inhabitants will become your favorite holiday destination.  

Gökçeada has numerous beaches, historic locations, boutique hotels and lovely restaurants, and can be visited four seasons of the year thanks to its favorable climate

The island is not only known as one of the regions where the most organic and tasty olives and olive oil are produced but also for sheep and goat rearing. Naturally, Gökçeada has made a name for itself for its delicious dishes made of the meat from the cattle raised naturally.

The site of many activities, Gökçeada is ever ready to welcome you!