Kapak Fotoğrafı


At the northern most tip of the Marmara Region, the last shore to be washed by the waters of the Black Sea, Igneada is a hidden Garden of Eden among the dark green forests.

Founded by the Thracians who first gave their name to the greater region as early as the 2nd millennium BC, Igneada was among the districts where the communities abandoned nomadic life to live in the villages.

Igneada is internationally famous for its flora and fauna, with the oceanic climate characteristic of the Black Sea Region. Although all the seasons are usually wet, you might still find pleasant sunny days during summers.

Extremely rich in its cultural legacy and ecological treasures, Igneada is sure to satisfy your expectations as a unique resort. Turn your back on the mountains and your face to the dark blue sea, and enjoy Igneada any time of the year.