Kapak Fotoğrafı


Şirince: As charming as the meaning of the name indicates, Şirince is a lovely little village comprised of narrow streets with old adjacent houses. Though a small village, Şirince is worldwide famous as the hub of fruit wines.

Şirince is a district of Selçuk located in Izmir province. According to old sources the history of the town, referred to as “Ephesus in the Mountains,” dates back to the ancient times.

It is known that the crisp white
houses that are well preserved in the present day were constructed in the 19th century.  Preserved in their original architectural state amidst a lush green landscape, the houses reveal a magnificent view. 

Well known for its boutique hotels
, small restaurants, wine cellars and hospitable Aegean people, Şirince is ready to welcome guests in any season!